Hi, I'm Madhav.

I'm an 18 year-old full-stack developer and a freshman studying engineering at the University of Michigan.

I'm passionate about building web applications and systems to visualize data, automate tedious tasks, and solve problems across varied disciplines. My other interests include applied machine learning, geopolitics, and tanks.

Currently I'm working with the Center for Academic Innovation (AI@UMich) as a Software Development Fellow, on the next-generation of gameful learning management systems.

I love experimenting with all things tech and am constantly trying to be a better programmer by improving my existing skillset or by breaking stuff. When I'm not coding or stumped with homework, I'm probably biking, reading, or waddling to my classes.

Feel free to reach out to me via email at hi[at]madhavshekhar.com  or through any of my socials if you want to say hi or work on an exciting project.

thank you for visiting my corner of the internet.