University of Michigan ['25]

Over the next few years in college, I want to learn more about computation in general and software development in particular while also exploring intelligent systems, human-computer interaction and mathematics.

Right now, I'm a Core Member of Michigan Hackers and the Michigan Data Science Team (MDST). My current coursework can be seen here.

Delhi Public School, R K Puram ['21]

Studied mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science. Also served as the Director of Enship, the Entrepreneurship Club, and was a Senior Member and developer of Exun Clan, the Technology Club. I was also a recipient of the Red Tie Award for excellence in Computer Science at the International Level.

Some other cool stuff I did during school:

  • My team was a National Winner and a Global Nominee in the 2020 NASA Space Apps Challenge. We researched and developed PhoenixApp, a real-time wildfire prediction web app using ML and satellite data, in the overnight hackathon.
  • I was judged a Finalist in Google Code-In 2019 with @JuliaLang after a two-month-long open-source programming marathon. Archive of all contributions.
  • I interned with two amazing companies in my junior and senior years. At TechAhead as a full-stack developer and at Quadeye, India's leading Quant Trading firm, as an ML intern.
  • I studied AI for Robots at Stanford University as part of their residential program. Developed a smart, efficient, real-time maze solving robot using graph theory, CV and reinforcement learning.
  • I also served as the CTO of ZyTab Inc. and was declared a Conrad Innovator in the 2019 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge in the Transforming Education through Technology Category.